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The 1660 Left/Right Swing Mounted Cuspidor comes equipped with a porcelain bowl with a break-away assembly to prevent damage from possible obstruction during the chair operation. Mounted in the rear of the chair, the 1660 cuspidor can be moved out of the way during operatory procedures and back into scope of the patients for any necessary rinsing.

SDS 1660 Deluxe Cuspidor Swing Mount

    • Porcelain bowl
    • Cup fill and timed bowl rinse
    • SE & HVE3-Way air/water syringe
    • Water quick disconnect
    • Water flow control
    • Rear swing mounted
  • *Shipping charges in addition to the quoted price will apply. We will provide a calculated price based on location. Please call us at 1800-416-6960 to inquire before purchase!

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