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Our new "Bio-Ray HR" intraoral sensor with perfect (20 lp/mm) high resolution images. This innovative sensor is able to obtain a better diagnosis with high quality images, saving both valuable time and space. The sensor now utilizes a direct USB longer requiring an interface less thing that can go wrong, (being dropped for example). 


  • Two sizes (Size 1 only avail)
  • Water-resistant
  • Direct USB connection (no USB connection box)
  • 16ft USB extender giving a total length of 18ft.
  • Top corners are rounded for improved positioning & patient comfort.
  • Free installation and 90 days of initial remote log in tech support, with a 1 year warranty, (2 additional years are available for a maximum of 3).

Bio-Ray HR Size 1 w/Twain

  • Please refer to our FAQs page. 

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