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The Intraskan DC incorporates both innovative technologies and the latest Dual Microprocessors for great image quality at a minimum close. The Intraskan DC has packed the power and intelligence in a number of ways to enhance the convenience of the clinician and the ImageWork's exclusive LCD display with its large, bright screen displays technique information clearly from an angle. Easy to understand icons quickly identify tooth, receptor type and patient size. 30 pre-programmed technique settings streamline set-up and preparation for every procedure and every receptor.

ImageWorks Intraskan DC

    • Versatile operation with precise positioning
    • Refined ease of movementShorter times between exposures
    • Choose the exposure time you prefer
    • Single or double remote activation switch
    • Fully programmable operation yet manually adjustable to suit individual preferences
    • Three arm sizes to fit any operator dimensions
    • Switch instantly between adult and child or film and other image receptor settings
    • Available as a wall-mount or mobile unit
    • 2 year warranty coverage if damaged or malfunctioning ​
    • Replacement sensor with new 5-year warranty
    • A new fee will be required to reinstate new 5-year warranty on replacement sensor​
    • Must be purchased with sensor (not available after sensor sale)
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