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Mirage Mobile Cart with Vacuum Package ( Also available without Vacuum Item# MC-500)

Mirage Mobile Cart W/ Vacuum Package

    • 3 Handpiece automatic selection with bottle system
    • 3 Way syringe with quick change autoclavable tip
    • Master on/off toggleAir/Water pressure adjustment for each handpiece
    • Pressure gauge
    • Non-retracting water/air coolant adjustment and purge
    • Handpiece tubing
    • Painted U-Frame with height adjustment 30"-38"
    • Vacuum canister with removable screen
    • Water quick disconnect
    • 1 Autoclavable HVE and Saliva Ejector and tubing
    • Variable Speed Foot control
    • 5 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
    • Five Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturer
  • *Shipping charges in addition to the quoted price will apply. We will provide a calculated price based on location. Please call us at 1800-416-6960 to inquire before purchase!

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